Research and Publications

Orthopaedic research

My main body of research has examined the flow of air in operating theatres and factors that may permit contaminated air to enter a sterile zone, potentially increasing infection risk.

Infections in joint replacement surgery are rare but when they occur the impact upon patients can be enormous. It's difficult to undertake randomized controlled trials in this area, because the number of patients one needs to investigate to show a statistically significant difference between infection control techniques is so large. Studies of this nature are now being undertaken; my work examined some of the possible mechanisms of increased infection. The studies did not prove that any of the investigated factors did or did not change infection rates, however they have been cited over 100 times in the literature on the subject and have been used to support further studies in this area.

Published research examining the impact overhead operating lights have on airflow in an operating theatre.

Some of this research has been cited as evidence in a class action lawsuit in the USA, which has been reported on several times in the press there (1), (2), (3).

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I was an editor for an Oxford University Press textbook for medical students practicing for surgical exams.